Why Join MAG


External Vehicle Speed Control (EVSC) - The remote control of vehicle speed so that no private vehicle ever exceeds a speed limit by any margin is the goal of many road safety zealots. MAG opposes this zero tolerance attitude which it sees as challenging the fundamental concept of private transport. Speed control technology is now a reality. The challenge for MAG is to prevent what is technically feasible becoming politically acceptable. We are defending your right to control your motorcycle.

Irresponsible Road Users - MAG has long resisted efforts to apportion all blame for motorcycle accidents to riders. Many accidents are caused by unobservant motorists who claim "sorry mate I didn't see you" (the SMIDSY accident). MAG is campaigning for motorcycle awareness elements in the driving test and for stronger measures to prevent diesel spillages.

Road Design - Wire rope barriers with their exposed posts are seen as the most dangerous form of crash barriers for motorcyclists. MAG is campaigning for the removal of these barriers and the installation of motorcycle friendly barriers on UK roads.

Road Tolls - Congestion Charging Tolls for bikes were dropped on the Dartford Crossing, Severn Bridges and the Mersey Tunnels. Bikes are exempt from congestion charging in London and the West Midlands. We are campaigning for charges to be dropped on the Humber Bridge, the M6 toll roads and other motorway charging schemes. We are campaigning for the ongoing London Bikes in Bus Lanes trials to be made permanent.

Anti-theft Reward Scheme - MAG members' bikes are protected by a reward of up to £1,000 in the event of them being stolen.

Power Limits MAG successfully helped beat the 100bhp limit and modified the EU anti-tampering directive in a way that preserved significant rights for owners to modify their machines.

Driving Licenses - The EU want to harmonise motorcycle training and testing protocols in a way that could make it far harder for UK riders to get their licenses. MAG has been heavily involved in the discussions with our government and the EU via FEMA. MAG has resisted all efforts to use the licensing regime to discourage motorcycling as a means of reducing motorcycle accidents.

Clothing - Efforts to require riders to wear only such clothing as meets minimum standards of protection have already been made. While MAG recognises the value of having clothing standards for consumer information, we fiercely challenge the right of Government to tell us what we must wear.

 All of the political work MAG does on behalf of riders' rights has to be paid for somehow.

 Sadly, there is no multi-million pound pot to call upon.

The best possible way of raising the money and the profile of MAG is by being part of the massive motorcycling social scene - by holding major rallies and shows, or arranging entertainment with the cooperation of other events, such as the Pro Custom Bike Show.

 MAG's main flagship events include:-

     The Farmyard Party . Stormin' the Castle

    Into the Valley . The Lion Rally . End of the Road

    Number One Rally . Heart of England and Brum Demo

    The Yorkshire Pudding Rally . Great Western Rally

    Ag Ol Anns an A chadh Rally & Demo

 These events are MAG's financial life line, often combined with demo runs. Branches and Regions hold smaller events - bike shows, rock nights, Easter Egg and Toy Runs.

 MAG Sport exists to promote motorcycle racing, supporting young riders competing up and down the country.

 MAG branches are a good way of getting like-minded motorcyclists together - going out on runs, supporting MAG events, as well as getting involved in local issues where you can play your part.




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