About MAG Basingstoke

Passionate about Biking

MAG Basingstoke

MAG Basingstoke Members come from a variety of backgrounds with one common factor - enjoying their motorcycles and the freedom that it gives.

The group has many member social events throughout the year as well as helping at local events - this is normally done free of charge and gives our members another reason to use their bikes. Charities have also benefitted by the many events we carry out throughout the year - not just biking activity but also normal charity activities for example a member had a public back waxing event (bikers do cry) where over £700 was raised.

It can't be said enough all the members and committee members give up their time for free to run the club and events and it is the bikes and social element that draws and makes the club.  The serious side is that MAG monitors local and central government activities and if necessary oppose proposed legislation if it were to bring further restrictions to biking freedom, as we know many legislative ideas are thought up by the people at Westminster with them not having first hand experience of what they are legislating against.

Most people don't know that one of the local benefits MAG Basingstoke has been able to secure for the public additional secure motorcycle parking around the town.  This was done by working with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and has been welcomed by local bikers.

About our Local Group Logo
Local MAG groups normally use local well known land marks or symbol to identify their club in the National MAG.  Basingstoke MAG has used the crest from the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council for the basis of its emblem.  The crest of Basingstoke features the Archangel St Michael defeating the dragon which represents the Devil, and this forms the central point to both crests with the biking and road theme added to the MAG Basingstoke crest.